Document generator - API service


A .NET Core API service accepts document printing requests in JSON and XML payloads to generate PDF and Excel files. Multiple systems at work make use of this service.

Vaccination Scheduler


For this project, I was more of a DevOps specialist in charge of configuring Linux, HTTP, and database servers. In addition, I assessed application performance characteristics and proposed code and platform enhancements to address bottlenecks.


I created a chatbot online tool to assist individuals in analyzing their symptoms and, if required, directing them to health care.


EdTech App

ApacheAzure DevOpsCIFrom-scratchHiringLinuxMariaDBMentoringNGINXPHPSonarTeam LeadUnit Testing

An educational management tool that controls nearly 200 educational establishments was designed, developed, and led by me.


In this project I was assigned to work o nthe frontend development for a computing colocation startup.


Bicho Mania

In this responsive petshop website, I was in charge of full-stack development as well as CMS customization.


e-Commerce - BleepBleeps


I customized a Shopify e-Commerce website, including the shopping cart discount processing.

WorldFirst - Fintech

AgileBDDBehatCSSFintechHTMLJavaScriptjQueryLondon-UKPHPScrumSymfonyUnit Testing

I used Behat to introduce automated BDD-style tests capable of detecting regressions in translations on a per-language basis. I also designed customer registration forms that were divided into sections based on the user's country of origin.

ALMT - Goverment Legislation creation manager

I was a key member of a team that created a system to manage the entire life cycle of law proposals for a state government body.


Tra├žo & Cor

Full-stack development for boutique website.


Autobusca - Backend administration panel

Full-stack development for the administration panel of a car sales website.


Interactive 3D PDF reader

By splitting PDFs into chunks and loading pages on demand, I created an animated document reader capable of handling thousands of pages even on underpowered computers and slow internet connections.


Ibisa - Website

This role entailed customizing Wordpress themes and plugins and deploying it to a Linux server.


SuperMotor - Car sales

I created a website and control panel for a car dealership, which featured a multi-tenant user system that allowed third-party sellers to rent advertisement space and promote their car listings.